Antigone/Ismene (00:59:28), perfect bound book on natural paper, 9 in x12 in, 2017

Frail Places is an ongoing collaboration with my sister, Giulietta Fiore. It began in 2015 as an attempt to understand and articulate our sisterhood using her methodology as an archaeologist and mine as an artist. Remembering an instance in which we had performed Sophoclean sister roles, Antigone and Ismene, together on the same stage, we excavated various translations of Antigone and reassembled the text using only language that revealed the sisters’ intimacy.
In 2016 we returned to our high school auditorium where we had first performed these roles, and we enacted our excavated text. The footage that resulted from this experiment (shot by Lorraine Best) became the material for a new set of investigations.
Antigone/Ismene (00:59:28) documents my attempt to create distance while reviewing the footage. Conflating myself and my sister with Antigone and Ismene, the text is simultaneously a footage log, a book of poetry, and a script.